Introducing SPEEL on a unique path to create customer value

2016 ~


11New office building for second production plant
(Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do)
09Shinsegae E&C Anseong City Starfield Site Convergence Charger Delivery of
Electric Vehicle Chargers
(50kW quick charger / 7kW slow charger / 7kW wall type charger)
06Everland Convergence Charger Delivery of Electric Vehicle Chargers
(50kW quick charger / 7kW slow charger)
05Gunsan City Builds Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to Deliver
Electric Vehicle Chargers (50kW / 100kW quick charger)
04The contract to supply charging business operators for electric vehicle chargers
by the Ministry of Environment (Jeju Electric Vehicle Service, Tardis Technology,
Chargev, Charzin, LG HelloVision, Everon, SEP, Manageon)
03Supply of Jeju New Renewable Energy Convergence EV Charging Station
(100kW quick charger / 7kW slow charger)
01Supply of electric vehicle chargers to Daegu Environmental Corporation
(100kW quick charger)
Completed development of 100kW quick charger
Electric vehicle charger (Slow/Quick) export of $25,000 (China)


10Completed development of 50kW quick charger / 7kW wall type charger
Selection of Quality Management Excellence Companies in Chungcheongbuk-do
09Moved the completion of the new head office building (Gyeonggi-do Su-won si)
06Completed development of 7kW slow charger


11Electric vehicle charging Device business


11Product safety day Award (Honor by Industry Minister)
Korea Electricity Award (Honer by Industry Medal)
102017 Global standard day KS Certification Award
(Honer by Industry Minister (Merit Organization))
01Moved to the new office building for production plant
(Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do)


12Selected as a “Good Design” GRACE (premium wiring devices) by KIDP
11Selected as a 2016 Gyeonggi family friendly good company for work by Gyeonggi-do
04Anseong-si businessman award(Honor by labor-management)
01Selected as a “winner” ISD (Intelligent Swmat Display) by iF design award 2016

2011 ~ 2015


06Registered the charging device having a standby power off function by KIPO
04Developed the new wiring devices (European style) – Grace Series
01Developed the new smart switch – ISD(Intelligent Smart Display)


12Selected as a best employer company 2014 by Gyeonggi-do
01Selected as a ‘hidden champion’ by Ministry of Employment and Labor


11Select as a 2013 good company to work by Gyeonggi-do
Product safety day Award (Honor by Industry Minister)
10Selected as a Production LEVEL-UP project by Anseong-si
09Selected as a 2013 The Companies inclined to work by INNO-BIZ
Korea Electricity Award (Honer by Small and Medium Business Administration)
04Gyeonggi-do Award (Honor by Gover of Gyeong Province)


05Korea Electricity Award (Honor by President)


10Developed the new Standby power off touch switch – Arnen Series
04Korea Electricity Award (Honor by ministry of knowledge economy)

2004 ~ 2010


09Selected as a promising small – scaled company (Gyeonggi-do)


04Korea Electricity Award (Honor by Prime Minister)
02Selected as Korea best goods by SMBA
01SPEEL R&D Center established


04Acquired the certification of ISO 9001 quality system
Acquired the certification of ISO 14001 environmental management system


12Open up NAMBU Sales branch office
09Developed the Total power off switch


09Purchased and moved to the office building


08Developed the lighting control system (SRS-9300, 9400 series)
Registered the lighting control system design by KIPO


01SPEEL established