Slow Chargers

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Slow Chargers

– Slow Chargers 14kW

  • Side layout of EV charging coupler for user
  • Adopts the SAE J1772 charging standard
  • Charging cable made of soft materia
  • Variety of protection devices
  • Applied the LCD tempered glass & Capacitive touch applied
  • Communicate with users via voice guidance
  • Adopted LCD display for the charge status
  • Protection rating of IP55 and certified with KC mark
  • Anti-rust powder coating for case protection



Stand type / BB type


Stand type / BC type


Stand type / CC type



Size W400 x D330 x H1500 (Exclusive of the EV coupler)
Input Single-phase, 220Vac, 60Hz, 32A
Output Single-phase, 220 Vac, 60Hz, 7kW
Charging time About 4 hours [For 27kWh EV batteries]
User Authentication RFID Card & IC Card payment system
Operating Conditions Temperature: -25℃ ~ 40℃ / Humidity: 15% ~ 93%
[There must be no formation of dew]
Charging Display LCD Touch screen (UI)
LED Display (Standby / Charging / Fully Charged)

Status LED Bar for user

Standby / White

Charging / Green

Complete / Blue

Error / Red